Working methodologies are adhered to Geoguide 2 and 3. We have in-house geotechnical engineers, geologists and Registered Geotechnical Engineer with experience in slopes, foundations, tunnels, rock mapping, natural terrain hazard assessment, and can provide professional advice for the most appropriate GI solution to meet the need of the design and exploration intent.

  • Drilling, trial pit, slope stripping
  • Field testing: standard penetration test, vane shear test, permeability test, impression packer test, borehole televiewer, pumping test
  • Geotechnical instrumentation: piezometer, inclinometer, extensometer.



按照Geoguide 2及3方法進行,我們內部有岩土工程師、地質專家、註冊岩土工程師,有斜坡、地基、隧道工程、岩石測量、天然山坡災害評估經驗,能提供資深專業意見,採用最適當的探土方案,以達到工程設計及所需考慮。

  • 鑽探、探槽、斜坡表面剝除
  • 現場測試:標準貫入試驗、十字板試驗、滲透試驗、岩石節理壓印器測試、探洞影像觀測、抽地下水測試
  • 岩土工程儀器監測:測壓計、測斜儀、延伸儀。


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