Our director Ir Patrick Ng may act as an independent Expert Witness or provide Expert Opinion on disputes and claims particularly with geotechnical related issues. He can offer respectful independent views, based on his over 30 years’ experience in deep excavation, various foundations, tunnels (cut & cover tunnel, drill & blast, TBM), no-dig, massive site formation, slopes, ground investigation, buildings, railways and waste management projects.  He has good knowledge in contract management, claims, mediation, risk management, and insurance. With his experience in the role as the clients, consultants and contractors which enable a good appreciation of different parties’ perspectives, together with good communication skill, he can facilitate alternative dispute resolution in reaching acceptable solutions in an effective way.



董事吳惠明工程師 可作為獨立專家証人或專家意見,解決與岩土工程有關的糾紛及索償。他能提供被受尊重的獨立意見,建基於超過30年經驗,包括深層挖掘、不同類型的地基、隧道 (明挖式、鑽爆式、隧道鑽挖機械式)、 ”無開挖” 、大型地盤平整、斜坡、探土、樓宇、鐵路及廢物處理等項目。他對合約管理、索償、調解、風險管理和保險有很好知識。加上曾作為業主、顧問和承建商角色的經驗,洞識不同當事人的立場,配合良好溝通技巧,能協調用別種糾紛解決方式有效地達致和解。








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